Sunday, June 7, 2009

Online Learning

This week was the start of yet another adventure in my quest for learning. I began a two-week orientation in preparation for a Graduate Certificate in Administration & Supervision from Johns Hopkins University. This particular program is unique in that it is a cohort of people who advance through the course together through a web-based format building on a research-based approach to online learning. JHU has partnered with ISTE (International Society of Technology in Education) and this course will focus on instructional technology.

The JHU School of Education gives this description of the program:
This initiative is designed to prepare aspiring administrators and supervisors with effective strategies and tools to deal with issues regarding instructional technology while ensuring that all students, including students with diverse learning needs, succeed.
The Electronic Learning Community (ELC) provides for ongoing collaboration for both participants and instructors. While using the ELC is new to me, I feel very comfortable with online learning and feel secure in adapting my knowledge of other web-based formats to the ELC. While I am still learning the unique features of the ELC, the scavenger hunt activity did a great job at directing me around the various features that the ELC has to offer students.

My main concerns about online learning center around my ability to remain focused, complete assignments without being in a face-to-face situation and organizing my time to be able to multi-task my daily job, home life and each course's requirements. I anticipate that being part of a cohort of individuals that I will get to meet in person in a few weeks will encourage me to be active in the discussions and will provide incentive for me to remain on target. I respond well to personal interaction and it appears that this course provides for that kind of learner.

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  1. Hi Andrea,

    I'm glad the scavenger hunt was helpful. It works great to help people begin to feel comfortable in the ELC. It will make a big difference when you meet everyone in a few weeks at NECC. Once you put names and faces together and begin to talk with folks it opens up new perspectives as you begin the remaining online courses.