Monday, January 18, 2010

My Philosophical Beliefs

This week's prompt is the first reflection for the course titled, "Curriculum Theory, Development and Implementation."

What are your philosophical beliefs about the purpose of school, about what subjects should be taught, and about how students learn? How does your work demonstrate your belief?

I decided to answer this question in a visual format, using the Web 2.0 application, Photo Peach. Everyday I learn something new from my personal learning network and this blog post was inspired by Peggy George, an educator from Arizona who loves sharing her Web 2.0 adventures through her blog.

This presentation looks much nicer full screen. Click the full screen icon on the lower right corner of the presentation window.

I hope you enjoyed my presentation. All of the photographs come from Flickr's Creative Commons.

Finding images in Flickr for inspiration or research is made easier by using the Compfight Webite. Creative Commons is a nonprofit organization that increases sharing and improves collaboration. Many Flickr users have chosen to offer their work under a Creative Commons license, and you can browse or search through content under each type of license.

In addition to the references page which I have embedded as a Scribd Web 2.0 document, I have also bookmarked them on Delicious for easy reference. You can find them with the philosophy_presentation tag. I got that cool idea from another member of my personal learning community, Bethany Smith and a SlideShare presentation that she created.

I hope that in addition to my presentation, my modeling ethical use of information through the inclusion of a reference page, utilizing Creative Commons images, experimenting with Web 2.0 (this is my first Photo Peach preso!), utilizing the knowledge of my personal learning network all exemplify my beliefs in education.

I hope that you have enjoyed my views on Educational Philosophy!


  1. Oh Andrea! I loves it! it makes my heart sing! and i may have to steal that idea and do one of my own! You rock, GF!

  2. Thanks all for your comments (here and on the Photo Peach page). It kind of makes it worth it to stay up late at night figuring out new ways to do things in order to receive the feedback like you gave!

  3. Andrea - this is awesome! I was totally engaged by the images and was moved by the text. I'm so glad we are playing on the same team!