Monday, May 3, 2010

Organization and Administration: Reflections on This Course

For my final post in the course, Organization and Administration, I've decided to do a videoblog post. On the heels of the Maryland Society for Educational Technology (MSET) Conference, I am inspired to lead by example. I enjoyed hearing from Chris O'Neal as he discussed how to bring technology to your school by modeling its use.

This video was created using the trial version of Camtasia. I think I am falling in love with this software!


  1. Thanks LoganO_Kellam1! I translated your text to:
    "So active text, your wonderful!" with Google Translator!

    I am trying to find other ways than just text to express myself!

  2. LOL smart you...translating those comments! To make sure they don't call you names or try and sell you a personal enhancement product! heh heh

    I'm too camera shy to do vlogging! Though I could be talked into being a podcasting slut!