Sunday, February 21, 2010

Steps for Change

I decided to breakdown this week's blog prompt into two different posts. You should read the previous post first before addressing this post.

What specific steps would need to be taken at my school in order to enact these policies [pertaining to the identified priorities required to integrate technology into the curriculum]?

Note: If any of the following audio files fail to play, please refresh your browser and try again!

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  1. heh heh loves this! can i steal some of this for my masl keynote next year? Muwwaaaaaa! with credit, of course!

  2. GREAT! I would be honored for you to use ANY of my stuff! Girl, I had the dickens of a time getting the audio uploaded. AND to make matters worse, I have IE6 at school (don't ask) so 1/2 the time, websites don't load properly! I am glad you got the content of what I was trying to articulate. I just found this on online learning communities (my slide depicts students, but we need this for teachers, too) and this also expresses my outlook on how administrators can encourage teachers: (the clip on online learning communities).

  3. pleasure to find such a good artical! please keep update!! ........................................