Sunday, February 21, 2010

Technology's Role in the Curriculum

Part 1 of 2:

Over the last few weeks, we have analyzed multiple aspects of the Written, Taught, and Test Curriculums. The Wordle in the above image depicts my priorities with each curriculum in terms of technology. The ultimate goal for each curriculum is to educate the whole child so that every child achieves success.

The Written Curriculum should provide a framework containing standards so that it can be delivered (Taught Curriculum) in a variety of ways using technology that makes sense for each child in each lesson. The Tested Curriculum will incorporate technology so that each student can demonstrate what he/she knows and is able to do in a format that is best suited to his/her learning style.

My top three priorities for technology in the curriculum are:
  1. The curriculum should promote the use of technology in the creation of authentic student projects
  2. The curriculum should provide opportunities for students to learn how to select information and use it ethically
  3. The curriculum should encourage the use of technology for communication, e.g., between teachers, students and families
I put together this slide show so you can visualize what I mean:

All images are from CreativeCommons and can be accessed at:

Part 2 of this question is in the next post.....

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